UAN and its Services

By | February 23, 2021

UAN stands for Universal Account Number. UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple Member Ids allotted to an individual by different establishments.  UAN enables the users to link all of their member ids from different organizations they had worked in of multiple EPF Accounts allotted to a single member. Members can view details of his/her all EPF Accounts


Due to the increase of short-term contractual employees in the organizations it has become a mandatory thing to have a single account to which an employee can link all of his previous EPF details in the form of member ids. This led to the necessity for the creation of UAN which will facilitate the process. Users can also update their KYC details to use the different services offered by EPFO with UAN

Digitally authenticated KYC would facilitate clubbing of all previous PF account numbers. UAN is lifelong account number and users with Aadhaar enabled UAN will eventually able to access EPF services directly.

A person is allotted only one UAN in his lifetime regardless of the number of companies he/she changes. Hence, the same UAN is to be fed by different companies into the system so that the person’s entire EPF contribution can be managed systematically and in a more transparent manner


  • Any person who Is working in an organization can apply for UAN which will be allotted by EPFO
  • EPF members in respect of whom at least one contribution is received in or after Jan-2014, UAN is allotted by EPFO.
  • Pre-registered EPF members who does not have a UAN can also apply for UAN and the will be allotted one by EPFO
  • UAN holder can register his/her mobile with EPFO for UAN activation, and the employee can change his registered mobile number.

Pre requisites

  • The user Must obtain UAN no. and member id from employer.
  • Activation of the registration is mandatory.
  • User has to create user name and password for accessing UAN driven member portal.
  • Must have scanned copies of the KYC documents to be uploaded


  • Having a UAN, can give the user will give him the benefit of using the services offered by the unified portal-EPFO. The following are the services offered by the unified poral-EPFO for an employee with a UAN
  • User can activate his UAN by entering UAN, Mobile No. & Member id to generate login credentials
  • User can Login to the Portal using Username (UAN) & Password created by him.
  • He can view and download the member PF passbook.
  • He can view and download his UAN card. Download UAN Card option is given on this screen which provides PDF format of the UAN card. Front portion of the UAN Card displays UAN, Name, Father’s/Husband’s Name, Member-ID, (as available in the EPFO member database) Photo and KYC. Back side of the Member’s UAN card displays latest five Member-IDs linked with this UAN along with helpdesk no. and email-id. If KYC of this member is uploaded by the employer, it will reflect on the front side of the UAN card by displaying ‘Yes’ in front of KYC. In case of no availability of KYC, it will always reflect ‘No’ in front of KYC on the UAN Card.
  • He can file a transfer claim and can view transfer claim status.
  • He can view all of his previous member id’s and can feed the details of his/her previous member id to be linked with UAN. The name in the previous member id should match with the name of current member id. Otherwise, system will not allow the member to link the previous member id with UAN.
  • He can view and edit his profile information like
  • Edit Mobile Number
  • Edit Email Id
  • Update KYC Information
  • Change Password
  • Edit Personal Details
  • He can also view the FAQ’s regarding various topics related to EPFO
  • He can use the option ‘Contact us’ which provides the following information like helpdesk email id, helpdesk number EPFO website etc. Links have been given to contact the required links e.g. there is a link given to view EPFO Directory also
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6 months ago

I have forgotten my UAN number. How to recover that UAN number. My AADHAR is not yet linked to my mobile number. What should i do. Pl guide.

5 months ago

I have an PF account, but I do not know my UAN number. How can I get my UAN number. what is the procedure to recover my UAN number.